By Eric D. Naftulin, Executive Director, Aloha Beach Camp
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What to Wear and Bring to Camp
Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp Executive Director Eric Daniel Naftulin
It’s important to note different camps have different recommendations and requirements for what to bring to camp. That’s why it’s very imporant to ask
the camp director if you’re unclear about anything. One camp may be perfectly fine allowing kids to bring cell phones to camp. Another camp may
strictly prohibit cell phones and other electronic devices.

What if your child kids special needs or medical requirements that need to be addressed at camp? Does your son or daughter take medication?

If so, notify the camp director before camp starts. He or she may want you to send the medicine to camp ahead of time for safe keeping in the nurse’s
office. Conversely, they may want your child to bring the medicine to camp each day in their backpack instead.

In any case, be sure to send written instructions so the camp director knows exactly how the medicine is to be administered and by whom.

When you send your child to camp, there are numerous details to think about and prepare for. Any camp you choose should provide you with a written
checklist of what your child should wear and bring to camp. And remember, never hesitate to ask the camp director about anything you're unclear
about concerning what your child should bring to camp.
Aloha Beach Camp Director
Eric D. Naftulin
One of the more common questions families have when sending their kids to summer camp is what to wear and bring. Most
camps provide a “packing list” but parents often still have questions.

If your child is going to day camp, in general they can get by with a change of clothes, sack lunch, and perhaps a swimsuit
and towel in a basic backpack.

If your child is attending sleepaway camp, your packing list will be more elaborate since your son or daughter will be living
at camp for up to several weeks at a time. For example, your son won’t need to a toothbrush, toothpaste or bathroom
supplies at day camp. But he’ll certainly need those items for overnight camp.