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Meet Aloha Beach Camp's Counselors and Staff

Meet the Aloha Beach Camp Staff

Ten Aloha Beach Camp staff members from last summer, each wearing black Aloha Beach Camp shirts, standing shoulder-to-shoulder and smiling at Zuma Beach, Malibu.
Summer camps are only as good as their staffs. If the counselors don't make the program safe and fun for the
kids, what's the point? We're fortunate to have a strong, experienced management team and core group of camp
counselors who return to Aloha each summer, and whose top priority is ensuring your camper's
safety and fun
every day.

Summer Camp Owners...The Naftulin Family

Eric and Teri Naftulin founded Aloha Beach Camp in 1999. The husband and wife team
has over 60 years of combined experience operating summer camps in Los Angeles.
Eric manages the camp's business affairs and is on-site with the kids every day. Teri
runs the camp office and is active in the American Camp Association's (ACA)
accreditation process where she observes other camps to ensure they comply with
industry standards.
Camp owner Eric D. Naftulin

Aloha Beach Camp is a Family Business!

Eric and Teri don't run Aloha Beach Camp alone! They have three
children who actively participate in the day-to-day operation of the
camp to ensure sure your child has the best summer camp experience

Twin brothers Josh and Noah, 18, are incoming Freshmen at Chico
State University and daughter Sarah, 23, is a graduate of San Diego
State with a degree in child development. Sarah is one of our Keiki
Camp program directors, and Josh and Noah are two of Keiki Camp's
high-energy, enthusiastic camp counselors we're sure your kids will
love! (OK, maybe we're biased...but it's true! :)
Siblings and camp staff members from left to right: Josh Naftulin, Sarah Naftulin and Noah Naftulin.

Keiki Camp Directors

Matthew Duda, Sarah Naftulin and Ashley Dizon direct Aloha Beach Camp's
Keiki Camp program. (Keiki Camp takes place at Paradise Cove and Zuma
Beach in Malibu).

Matt is a CSUN graduate and has been with Aloha Beach Camp 12 years.
During the school year, Matt teaches math and PE in the Simi Valley Unified
School District.

Ashley is a student teacher in the L.A. Unified School District. Sarah is a
senior at San Diego State University, studies child development, and will
become an elementary school teacher soon.
Keiki Camp director Matt Duda hoists a happy boy into the air with one hand and rests him on his right shoulder with the beach and ocean in the background.
Keiki Camp director Matt Duda's known
as "Tarzan" around camp. Can you
guess why?

Kahuna and High Action Camp Directors

Kevin Khalili and Claire Hay direct Aloha Beach Camp's High Action
Camp and Kahuna Camps. Kevin and Claire have each been with Aloha
for four years each. Kevin and Claire are California Certified Health
Kahuna and High Action Camp directors Kevin Khalili and Claire Hay.
Kahuna and High Action Camp Directors Kevin
Khalili and Claire Hay

Camp Counselors Featured in the L.A. Times

The Los Angeles Times says we "set the bar high" when hiring
staff...and you will, too! Our counselors are chosen for their ability to
work with kids in a leadership capacity plus serve as positive role
models. Each camp counselor applicant must pass a rigorous
multi-phase interview process including a criminal background check.
Our counselors are typically 19 years old (at a minimum), trained
lifeguards and CPR and First Aid certified.

Summer Jobs

Looking for a great summer job? If you enjoy working outdoors, love
the beach, want to work with kids and love making money, being an
Aloha Beach Camp counselor could be a great job for you. But we
don't hire just anyone -- there's certain qualifications you need to
meet. Find out what it takes to work here and
apply for a job today!
Camp counselor Jacquelyn Derian with group of boys and girls wearing lifejackets standing on the boat dock at Castaic Lake.
Camper-to-counselor ratios at Aloha
Beach Camp are typically 5-to-1 or less.

The Staff Makes the Camp!

Remember, no matter which camp you choose this summer, the
counselors and staff are the ones who will "make it or break it" for
your kids. Aloha Beach Camp's staff is committed to delivering the
best possible experience for every camper, and we'll work hard every
day to make sure you have the most phenomenal summer your life!

We hope to see you at beach camp this summer! :)
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