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Aloha Beach Camp boy wakeboarding at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Wakeboarding Summer Camp

All Skill Levels Welcome at Aloha Beach Camp's L.A. Wakeboard Camp this Summer

Aloha Beach Camp's Los Angeles wakeboarding camp takes place at beautiful Castaic
Lake, just 5 minutes north of Magic Mountain. This program is available to kids and
teens ages 8 and up.

Wakeboarding is offered each Wednesday when we take field trips to
Castaic Lake.
Campers participating in Aloha Beach Camp's wake boarding program experience
top-notch instruction, state-of-art-equipment, dynamic curriculum, a safety-first
attitude and all the fun you could ever imagine from a wake boarding camp in Los

Focus is placed on wake boarding technique and water-safety skills for the
beginning, intermediate and advanced wake boarder. Participants learn the basic
techniques of riding the wake, water safety and the lake environment.

What is Wakeboarding?

The fastest growning aquatic sport in the world, wake boarding is a combination of
water skiing, surfing and snowboarding wrapped into one.

Wearing properly-fitting, coastguard-approved life vests, campers stand on their
wakeboards while being towed behind high-performance, specially-designed speed
boats.Campers weave in, out, up and over the wake created by the boat.

How Wakeboarding Days Work

Wake boarding is offered to Aloha Kahuna Camp and High Action Camp kids on Castaic
Lake field trip days each Wednesday. A maximum of four campers per boat ensures
consistency, familiarity and lots of fun!

It's important to note, wakeboarding is NOT a standard Aloha Beach Camp activity.
Instead, campers may choose to wake board by upgrading to this activity from the
standard tubing activity, which is available every day we're at Castaic Lake. The price to
upgrade is $45 per session.

In addition to tubing or wake boarding, campers participate in jet skiing, swimming and
snorkeling, group water sports and games, and much more. We top it all off with unreal
giveaways and surprises from Billabong, our sponsor, including special appearances from
Billabong wake boarding pros, and you get the most complete learn-to-wakeboard camp
available coast to coast.

Do Keiki Campers go Wakeboarding?

No. This program is only offered to Kahuna Camp and High Action Camp kids. In general, the learning curve to master the
wakeboarding activity is too high for younger children, so Keiki campers stay at Paradise Cove or Zuma Beach as usual on
Wednesdays while the older kids are at the lake.

How do we get to Castaic Lake?

Transportation is available for all Aloha Beach Camp activities on buses and vans with seat belts. Not only that, you also get a 100%
money-back guarantee, and Aloha Beach Camp's Los Angeles wakeboarding camp is 100% accredited by the American Camp
Association.  All of our counselors are lifeguards and camper to staff ratios are as low as 3:1.

Wakeboarding Videos

You can visit our blog and or check our YouTube page to see videos of Aloha Beach Camp's wake
boarding activity.

Extremely Limited Space

Please be aware our Los Angeles wakeboarding camp sells out every year and we have extremely
limited space at this program
Accordingly, this program is available on a first-come, first-served
basis only. If you wait too long, we may not have room for you, so sign up for camp today!

How to Sign Up

Aloha Beach Camp is currently enrolling kids for our 2019 summer. Here's a link to the summer
camp Enrollment Form so you can register now. When we receive your application we'll contact
you with a confirmation.


If you have any questions about Aloha Beach Camp's wakeboarding camp for kids and teens, please email or call us at (818)
932-4600. You can also visit our
frequently asked questions for more information about Aloha Beach Camp's wakeboarding camp in
Los Angeles. We hope to see you this summer!
Teen boy wakeboarding at Aloha Beach Camp's L.A. wakeboard camp.
Two boys on their wakeboard boat giving a
Female camper wakeboarding at Aloha Beach Camp's Los Angeles wakeboarding summer program.

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