Do You Make These Mistakes When Choosing a Summer Camp?

  • Choosing the Same Camp Where All Your Child’s Friends are Going

Kids love going to camp with their friends. And parents often feel better knowing their kids will have friends at camp in advance. But choosing a camp
on that basis alone can be a mistake. It's important to remember that camp is for kids, not somewhere their parents
think their kids want to go. What
if you decide to send your child to a summer camp that specializes in horseback riding just because all your child’s friends are going there, but actually,
your child doesn't even
like horseback riding? Knowing other friends ahead of time generally won’t compensate for the fact your kid hates horses! And
besides, one of the main purposes of summer camp is to make new friends anyway.

You probably wouldn’t send your child to a non-accredited school. So why would you send them to a non-accredited camp? Choosing an accredited
camp is your best guarantee the camp meets or exceeds up to 300 best-practice industry standards relating to program and activity planning; camper
health, safety and supervision; and many more important facets conducive to operating an above-board program. Non-accredited camps are not
necessarily “bad” camps – there are many good ones – but since non-accredited camps may not be required to conform to the same high standards,
you don’t want to take the chance of making a mistake. Choosing an accredited camp gives you peace of mind knowing you've made the right choice.

You owe it to yourself (and your child) to find a camp your son or daughter will love. By avoiding the common mistakes many parents make when
choosing a camp you’ll be on the right track for your kids to have a safe and fun camp experience this year.

Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp Executive Director Eric Daniel Naftulin
By Eric Naftulin, Executive Director, Aloha Beach Camp
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Camp enrollment season is almost here. So now is a good time to review some common mistakes parents make when
choosing a camp for their  kids. To help your child say, “This camp rocks!” instead of “This camp sucks,” you'll want to avoid
these missteps:

  • Choosing a Camp Without Your Child’s Input

Studies show kids have more fun at camp when they’re involved in the pre-camp decision-making process. When parents
unilaterally pick a camp for their kids, the entire experience could turn out negative. Want a happy camper? Sit down with
your kids and choose a camp together with them. This is the #1 one way to increase the odds your child will love camp.