Beverly Hills Summer Camp 2019

Discover Aloha Beach Camp, L.A.'s Most Trusted Aquatic Sports Day Camp Program for Beverly Hills Kids and Teens Since 1999. Join us for our 20th Summer for the Ultimate Beach Camp Experience Your Child will Never Forget!

Aloha Beach Camp's 2019 summer day camp program is almost here and the only thing missing is you! If your
child's tried other local day camps but you haven't found the right fit, Aloha Beach Camp is the answer. Try us
risk-free for just 2-days this summer and see what you've been missing!
Two teenage girls from Beverly Hills tubing at Castaic Lake
Aloha Beach Camp logo

What is Aloha Beach Camp?

Aloha Beach Camp is L.A.'s most comprehensive beach-inspired day camp
for Beverly Hills kids and
flexible scheduling for parents.

three age-appropriate programs under the Aloha Beach Camp name,
and our pioneering
day-by-day enrollment feature where you can pick your
own dates, each day delivers over 50 safe, fun and exciting and beach,
lake, and ocean day camp experiences for kids at teens at the best aquatic
sites around.

What Kinds of Camp Activities Do You Do?

Camp counselor holding theback of a surfboard while older teenage camper surfs at Zuma Beach
Aloha Beach Camp is an aquatic sports day camp with over 200 safe and fun water activities your child is sure to
From tubing to jet skiing to boogie boarding and surfing, all of our activities center around the water.

Whether your child is a first-time camper or been with us for years, you'll quickly see why Aloha Beach Camp has
been L.A.'s favorite beach, lake and ocean summer camp program among Beverly Hills families for the past 20
  • Campers 4, 5, 6 and 7 years of age enjoy our Keiki Camp program, the first beach day camp just for younger
  • Campers ages 8 to 11 enjoy our Kahuna Camp program, the #1 summer program for Beverly Hills tweens
  • Campers 12 to 15 attend our High Action Camp, an exciting program just for older kids and teens who've
    outgrown the typical day camp scene

Where Does the Camp Take Place?

Our base site is located at world-famous Zuma Beach, Malibu. Our program also takes at many other beaches,
lakes and water parks in the L.A area on a rotating basis. Campers enjoy Paradise Cove Beach, Oxnard Beaches,
Santa Monica Beaches, Hurricane Harbor Field trips, Castaic Lake and many more exiting aquatic venues.
Camp director Keven Khalili giving an ocean safety lesson to campers sitting on the sand at Zuma Beach

What if your Child Hasn't Done Activities Like These Before?

No prior aquatic experience for your child? No problem! Our program is safe, exciting and fun for campers of all
ages and experience levels. Our fully-accredited,
lifeguard-certified counselors and staff will be right beside your
child every step of the way providing nurturing guidance, expert instruction, positive reinforcement, and careful
supervision at all times. We'll help your camper develop a lifelong love of the ocean before summer even ends.  

How Does Aloha Beach Camp Differ From Other Camps?

Great question! With so many Beverly Hills Summer Camps to choose from, sometimes it's not easy distinguishing
one from the next. Here's a little more info to help you see how Aloha stands out and why
we guarantee your child
will enjoy our program the most.

First Beverly Hills Summer Camp to Offer You Flexible "Day-by-Day" Registration with No Minimum Enrollment Commitment

As you know, most camps force your compliance with preset enrollment sessions. If your family's summer plans
don't fit neatly into the camp's predetermined session dates, too bad for you!
We think that's silly and doesn't reflect real life. You've got enough on your plate, let alone the headache of trying
to plan your summer around rigid camp sessions. Wouldn't it be easier to set your child's own camp schedule
That's exactly what you can do at Aloha! You can completely
customize your child's camp schedule on an as-needed or as-wanted
basis by choosing your own camp start date, ending date, and any
days you want in between.

Even better, there's no minimum enrollment requirement. Send your
child to camp for as many or few days as you like.

By the way, we were the first camp to give you complete and total
freedom to
sign up for camp day-by-day whenever you want with
That means you can pick any starting staring and ending date you
want -- and as many or few days as you prefer -- with no other
requirements other than choosing any camp schedule you decide that
works best for your busy family.
11 year old boy surfing at Zuma Beach while camp counselor Owen McEvoy holds the back of the child's surfboard for support.
No minimum enrollment commitment
So whether you prefer just 1 day of camp this summer or all 50 we're open, YOU decide when and how often you
want to send your child to camp, not us. Whatever schedule works best for your family is the perfect schedule for
us!  Here at Aloha, it's camp enrollment your way, every day, all summer. That's how it's always been and always
will be.

Most Comprehensive Beach Camp for Beverly Hills Kids

Aloha Beach Camp is the only camp that takes place at many different aquatic sites on a rotating basis. Other
beach camps operate at a single site creating an environment for campers to potentially get bored. Being bored at
summer camp isn't a particularly fun thing to do! Aloha's comprehensive list of
camp activities and wide variety of
program sites enable Beverly Hills kids to experience boating, tubing, surfing lessons, ocean swimming lessons,
boogie boarding, fishing, Hurricane Harbor field trips, and so many more diverse and exciting aquatic camp
activities and locations. Why keep doing the same activities at the same place all the time you could be
experiencing so much more? Here at Aloha, you can.

Only Beverly Hills Beach Camp with Free Transportation

Another distinguishing factor is our transportation system. Here at Aloha beach Camp, transportation is totally
free -- a pretty nice benefit compared to other programs who charge you an arm and leg extra for transportation.
Here at Aloha Beach Camp, you never pay more for using our bus service. After all, riding the bus is part of the
fun, and you shouldn't pay extra for fun!
Since so many happy campers attend our program from the Beverly Hills
area, we've established a convenient bus stop at
El Rodeo School located
at 605 Whittier Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

The camp bus will pickup and drop off your child at 8:10 am and drop off
your child at 4:45 pm each morning and afternoon during the summer.

All the buses have seat belts, and our
counselors and staff ride the buses
with the kids to play games, do skits, sing songs make the ride safe,
exciting, and fun for everyone. And you're always guaranteed reliable
on-time and schedules and shorter bus routes every day so you don't have
to worry about being late for work or missing an appointment or meeting
ever again! Our staff always arrives to the bus stop early, so if you're in a
rush, just drop off your camper in the care of our counselor and you can
head straight to your meeting or work without waiting.

If you'd like to
sign up for camp, you'll find a designated spot on your
camp Registration Form to choose the El Rodeo Beverly Hills bus
stop. When we receive your child's registration, we'll send you a
confirmation with transportation details including exact bus stop meeting
times and location, your child's bus counselor's name, and more.
Image of Aloha Beach Camp's Beverly Hills summer camp bus filled with happy campers on its way to beach camp.

The Only Accredited Beach Camp for Beverly Hills Kids

Imagine you're looking for a new school for your son or daughter. If you're like most parents, you'd probably insist
the school be an
accredited one. Unaccredited schools might be fine, but on other hand, you never know. Their
lack of accreditation could raise doubts about the school's quality and credibility standards.
The same goes for camps. When it comes down to picking one summer
program or another,
your safest bet is choosing an accredited program. It's the
only way to get absolute peace of mind you're picking a reputable,
above-board camp that meets or exceeds over 300 government-recognized and
industry-accepted best-practice standards relating to the key aspects of
operating a safe, fun, quality summer camp program.
American Camp Association Accredited Camp logo.
Aloha Beach Camp is the only accredited summer beach day camp program for Beverly Hills kids. To achieve and
maintain camp accreditation, our operation is observed and evaluated on an ongoing basis by a peer review board
-- a third party watchdog, if you will -- comprised of other accredited camp operators and industry officials from
the American Camp Association.

The purpose of these ongoing reviews is to demonstrate our compliance with the following highest standards of
health, safety and program quality including:

  • Camper and staff health and safety
  • Hiring, screening and training camp counselors and staff
  • Camper-to-counselor ratios
  • Activity and program planning, development and execution
  • Transportation program planning, safety and execution
  • Customer service
  • Business and accounting principles
  • So many more important key components conducive to operating a legitimate, above-board, quality camp

Unfortunately, unaccredited camps and the people who run them might not even know such quality standards even

, let alone conform to them.

So if safety, quality and credibility is important to you,
choose an accredited camp. It's your trusted "stamp of
approval" no stone has been left unturned when it comes to protecting your child's safety and fun.

Will My Child Be Safe in a Beach Camp Environment?

Chances are your child's been to the beach with you, your family or friends. After all, Beverly Hills isn't too far from
the beach, so hopefully your family enjoys it often.

At the same time, we realize it may be disconcerting for some parents to think of sending their kids to the beach
without them. If you have any apprehension,
please let us know so we can help you feel more at ease.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable with your decision to sign up for camp and confident your child will
enjoy camp and come home healthy, sandy and happy every day. Thousands (and we mean thousands!) of
campers have attended our program over the years and the worst we've seen is a minor scrape or bruise. The level
of experience and training of our staff is unmatched, our program equipment (surfboards, boats, boogie boards, jet
skis) is new, high-end, and well-maintained, and our best-in-class staff has delivered a
100% all-time safety
record over 19 years running our program. We have every intention of keeping it that way.

Aloha Beach Camp is a
family business, and when you entrust your child to us, we don't take that show of support
lightly. In fact you're not just a customer -- you're part of our family now. That means we'll protect your child's
safety every day as if your son or daughter were are very own. We know safety is a huge priority for you, just as it
is for us, too. If you have any questions or concerns, please
email or call us any time. We are easy to reach, quick
to respond and always enjoy answering questions from parents, especially those relating to
summer camp safety.
Boy surfing on a blue surboard with guidance from his camp counselor at Zuma Beach.
Boy boogie boarding at Zuma Beach
Girl standing in front of tents and canopies on the sand at Zuma Beach surrounded by other kids

How Does Much Does Aloha Beach Camp Cost?

The current daily rate per child to attend Aloha Beach Camp is $115 for beach and surfing days and $120 for lake,
field trip, and activity days. These are the early bird discount rates which include all camp equipment, instruction,
activities, equipment,
free transportation, special days and events, and of course the freedom to create your own
camp schedule sending your child to camp day-by-day whenever you want. The Early Bird discount expires June 15
when prices will increase by at least $3 per day, so
sign up for camp as soon as possible to avoid paying higher
prices later. We are also offering an special
$25 discount coupon for Beverly Hills kids for a limited time. You are
welcome to combine this discount with your child's Early Bird rate to save even more money at camp this year.

100% Happy Camper, Money-Back Guarantee

Remember, Aloha Beach Camp is the only summer
program for Beverly Hills kids with a
100% money-back
guarantee. If your whole family's not completely satisfied
with the camp experience, just say the word and we'll
give you a full refund, even for the days your child
already came to camp. You don't even have to give a
reason why. Just let us know the program didn't fit, and
we'll refund your money the same day. It's the best
guarantee in the summer camp business and only
available from Aloha Beach Camp.

How to Get More Info About Camp

Two girls standing on the beach covered in sunscreen with the ocean in the background behind them advertising Aloha Beach Camp's 100% money-back guarantee.
We will be happy to provide you with more information
about our 2019 summer program. If you'd like a free
fill out this form and we'll send you one today.
You might also think about joining us at our next
House at Zuma Beach. It's a great way to meet our staff
and see where and how camp operates each day during the
summer. Lots of other Beverly Hills families will be there
too, so you'll probably see someone you know!
A young girl and boy boogie boarding side-by-side at Zuma Beach with camp counselor and other kids behind them playing in the ocean.

How to Sign up for Camp

We're looking forward to a great summer and so happy your child will join us! Get more registration information if
you need it, or else click the sign up now button below for the
2019 Summer Camp Enrollment Form. See you soon!

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