By Eric Naftulin, Executive Director, Aloha Beach Camp
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Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp Director Eric Naftulin. This article focuses on how to choose the best summer camps for teens in L.A.
Aloha Beach Camp Director
Eric Naftulin
Well, I'll tell you what. In some cases these are valid concerns -- teenagers certainly don't want to go camps with boring activities and tons of little kids
around. That wouldn't be fun at all.  But in other cases, you'll be glad to know there's some really great summer camps geared specifically for older kids
and this article will attempt to help you find the best ones.

Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for Teens

Does your teenager think he's too old for camp? Think again! There's absolutely no shortage of summer camps for teens in L.A., and here's how to find the best one.

Price Doesn't Always Determine The Best Summer Camps for Teens

Sometimes people think the more expensive something is, the better it must be. Sometimes that's true, others not. When contemplating summer
camps for teens, one thing you should never do is assume one camp is better than another simply based on price.

First of all, "expensive" and "affordable" mean different things to different people. And the further you get into your camp search, you may find that
many of the more costly summer camps are just as good as those that don't cost as much.

While a lot comes down to what you're comfortable paying, just as much comes down to perception.  

As you narrow down your prospective list of what you consider to be the best camps for your teenager, be sure to consider various price points.  
You don't want to exclude any camps from consideration just because they're pricey, nor do you want to exclude any others you think aren't good
enough due to their affordability. Taking this approach might cause you to miss out on some very
good summer camps for teens!

Contact an Impartial Source Like the American Camp Assocation for a Free Referral

The first thing people do these days when they need information is consult the Internet.  Typing "best summer camps for teens in Los Angeles" into
Google can be a pretty good way to find what you're looking for. But beware of one thing...

Don't forget that many of the results you see on Google are actually paid ads by camps themselves, so the information may be biased. If you really
want impartial information, you need to visit an impartial source. We suggest contacting the
American Camp Association (ACA) for a free referral.

The ACA is the largest trade association for summer camps including those in L.A. When you contact them, let them know you have a teenager who's
looking for a camp, and you'd like them to help you find a summer program that specializes in serving teens. In turn they'll give you a non-biased list of
some really great camps that specialize in serving teenage campers like yours.

We hope this information has been helpful in helping you find the best summer camps for teens in Los Angeles. Have a great summer!

Day Camp or Sleepaway Camp?

The first thing to consider is whether you're interested in a day camp or sleepaway camp.  

Some people think day camps -- where kids attend camp during the day and return home in the late afternoon - are only appropriate for younger kids
and sleepaway camps (where campers live at camp for extended periods) exclusively for older ones.  But nothing could be further from the truth
because both age groups can enjoy both kinds of camps.

In fact, some of the
best summer day camps in L.A. are designed specifically for teens.

So if you're a teenager and prefer a day camp experience rather than a sleepaway camp, don't buy into the argument that day camps are for just for
younger kids and sleepaway camps only for older ones. It's simply not true. The best camp for you is the one that appeals to you the most, period,
irrespective of what
kind of camp it is.
In a previous article we discussed how to find the best Los Angeles summer camps for kids. Now we'll discuss how to
find L.A.'s
best summer camps for teens.

Not surprisingly, parents and teens may have different feelings about camp.  As a parent, you might feel your teenage
son or daughter is too young to stay at home unsupervised, so you want them to go to camp.  If you're a teenager, you
might think you're too old for camp and worried you'll be the oldest one there.