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Two boys boogie boarding and laughing in the ocean at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp, Malibu, Los Angeles, California

Summer Camp Programs and Activities

So Many Fun Activities Planned this Summer!

From surfing to sand castles, Aloha Beach Camp offers three age-appropriate
summer beach camp programs and over 200 safe and fun aquatic activities
under the Aloha Beach Camp name.

No prior beach or ocean experience is necessary at any of our programs
because our counselors will be right beside you every step of the way showing
you how to do every activity from the ground up at your most comfortable

This page of our web site describes the available programs so you can pick the
right one for you.

When you
sign up for camp, you will be able to choose the specific program
you want on your
camp registration form.

If you have any questions about Aloha Beach Camp's programs or activities,
reach out to us any time.

And don't forget to come to our next
Open House! :)
Kahuna Camp counselor teaching girl how to surf at Aloha Beach Camp summer camp at Zuma Beach in Malibu
Learning to surf at Zuma Beach is an Aloha Beach Camp
staple! You'll be standing up on your surfboard and riding the
waves all the way to the shore in no time. You will probably
even stand up on your surfboard the very first time you try! :)

Keiki Camp Program for Preschoolers
Through Age 7

The first beach day camp just for younger kids, Aloha Beach Camp's Keiki Camp
is designed to meet the unique needs of younger children, many of whom are
experiencing the beach and ocean environment for the first time. The goal of
this program is to help younger campers feel safe and comfortable in the ocean.

At Keiki Camp, boys and girls ages ages 4, 5, 6 and 7 enjoy surfing lessons,
boogie boarding instruction, group sand games and many more aquatic and
Hawaii-themed beach activities.

Keiki Camp takes place at Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove in Malibu on a weekly
rotating basis. Daily
transportation is available, so you don't need to drive your
child to camp yourself. View the
Keiki Camp daily activity schedule or learn more
about Aloha Beach Camp's
Keiki Camp program here.

Kahuna Camp Program for Kids and "Tweens" Ages 8 to 11

Kahuna Camp is for kids and "tweens" too old for Keiki Camp, but not quite
ready for our High Action program (see below). Kahuna Camp takes place at
Zuma Beach, Paradise Cove, Castaic Lake and
other beach sites on a rotating

Surfing, jet skiing, boogie boarding and wakeboarding are just some of the
Kahuna Camp activities offered. Daily transportation is available from your

Even if you've never done these kinds of activities before, don't worry! :)
Many, if not most, of the other kids at camp are new to this stuff, too. We'll
teach you how to do it every step of the way! :)

Learn more about Aloha Beach Camp's Kahuna Camp

High Action Camp for Older Kids and Teenagers
Ages 12 to 15

Designed exclusively for older kids ages 12 to 15, High Action Camp takes place at a
different beach, lake or water park each day. Camp locations include Zuma Beach, Castaic
Lake and other aquatic venues.

The High Action activities are the same you'll find at
Kahuna Camp, but presented at a
somewhat faster pace making this program the thrill of a lifetime for older campers! Most of
the kids who attend our High Action Camp tell us they've grown tired of other local summer
camps where the kids are too young and the activities are too boring, so they switched to
Aloha Beach Camp for a more exciting camp experience and to meet and hang out with lots
of other kids their age.

As with all of our programs, we understand campers may have limited experience
participating in the kinds of aquatic activities we offer. That's absolutely fine, and part of the
fun! You don't need ANY experience whatsoever to enjoy everything Aloha has to offer. Our
counselors will show you how to do all the activities at whatever pace that's comfortable for

Get more info about the High Action Camp

Special Activity Days and Events

On certain days from time-to-time we made add additional special events and
activities not listed above including:

  • Pizza party
  • Ocean Kayaking
  • Ocean Carnival
  • Hurricane Harbor Water Park
  • Farewell Cruise
  • End of summer party
  • Pier fishing
  • Overnight Camp outs
  • More

When any special activity activities or especial events are planned, we will always
let you know beforehand in case you want to add them to your schedule if
you're not already registered those particular days.

Open House Sunday, May 21, 2017 at Zuma Beach, Malibu, Lifeguard Tower 6

We hope the above descriptions of Aloha's summer camp programs are helpful. If you
have any questions, our
FAQ's are a great place to start. But the best way to learn more
is to come to an
open house.

Our final open house of the 2017 summer camp season is Sunday, May 21 at Zuma
Beach, Malibu, Lifeguard Tower 6 where camp takes place during the summer. You can
meet our
staff, play games, win free prizes and see how camp operates on a day-to-day

This will be our final open house of the year, and camp is already filling up, so be sure to
join us either May 21!
More open house information.
Keiki Campers jumping and standing on the beach at Aloha Beach Camp's Paradise Cove, Malibu Keiki Camp summer camp.
Aloha Beach Camp's Keiki Camp program takes place at
Paradise Cove on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Fridays and Zuma Beach on Wednesdays when the Keiki
kids go surfing.
Teen girls catching a fish at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp
High Action and Kahuna campers will go fishing
while enjoying hundreds of other beach camp
activities this summer.
Teen camper at Aloha Beach Camp tubing at Castaic Lake
The High Action camp (and Kahuna
Camp too) visits Castaic Lake every
Wedneday for boating, tubing, jet
skiing and related activities.
Aloha Beach Camp kid boogie boarding on his knees at Paradise Cove Beach in Malibu
From time-to-time we have special days and events at
camp from boogie boarding derbies to sandcastle building
contests to pizza parties and more. Fun!! :)
Cartoon/graphic of Aloha Beach Camp's upcoming Summer Camp Open House.
Join us Sunday, May 21 at Zuma Beach
for our last
open house of the year.
Enjoy free food, win prizes and get free
surfing lessons (on the sand) too!

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