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Looking for a Summer Camp in Studio City? Discover Aloha Beach Camp's Aquatic Day Camp Program for Kids and Teens

Studio city summer camper Jordy Paige surfs the waves at Aloha Beach Camp
Hi, my name is Eric Naftulin. I am the owner / operator of Aloha Beach Camp, a
summer day camp for kids and teens here in Los Angeles. Many kids from Studio
City attend Aloha Beach Camp each summer (from schools such as Carpenter
Ave. Elementary), with many kids already signed up this year. If you are looking
for a safe, fun and exciting Studio City summer camp, I hope you will consider us.

Now I need to make one thing clear -- Aloha Beach Camp is not
based in Studio
City. As an aquatic sports day camp, our camp
program and activities take place
at local beaches and venues such as Zuma Beach,
Paradise Cove Beach
Castaic Lake, Hurricane Harbor and Channel Islands Harbor. The reason we call
Aloha a "Studio City summer camp" is because we provide
free transportation to
and from camp each day for Studio City campers.

So if you decide to
sign up for Aloha Beach Camp, you would meet the bus at our
Beeman Park meeting point each morning at 8:00 AM, where your child would
ride the bus with other campers and counselors to the day's activity site -- a
local lake or beach, for instance, like Zuma or Paradise Cove -- before meeting
the bus again at Beeman Park at 4:45PM to pick up your child. It's definitely a
full, fun-filled day!
Two girls from Studio City standing together in shallow ocean water holding surfboards and boogie boards and smiling for the camera as they get ready to catch some waves.

What are the Camp Activities?

Aloha Beach Camp provides safe, fun and unique summer camp experiences for kids who love the beach. There's
so many fun things you'll do at camp! Campers enjoy surfing lessons, beach games, ocean swimming lessons,
boogie boarding and more. All the
activities are safe and instructional, so even kids who haven't done these kinds
of things before shouldn't worry. Instead, you should be excited!! Our
camp counselors will be with you every step
of the way, teaching you how to do all the camp activities at whatever pace you feel most comfortable with.

Here's a partial list of camp activities:

  •    Surfing lessons
  •    Boogie boarding
  •    Ocean Kayaking
  •    Ocean swimming lessons
  •    Metal detectors
  •    Beach hikes
  •    Watermelon eating contests
  •    Beach sports and games
Two female campers enjoying a jet ski ride. Aloha Beach Camp uses 3-person jet-skis (also called  Wave Runners).
If you've every been jet skiing, you know how
much fun it is. If you've never done it before,
you're in for a treat! Your counselor will drive the
jet ski while you enjoy the ride! :)

Where is the Camp Located?

Aloha Beach Camp map
Our program takes place at local lakes and beaches each summer. Younger kids (ages 4 to 7) enjoy Paradise Cove
in Malibu as their campsite area. Older kids enjoy a wide range of program locations from Zuma Beach to Channel
Island Harbor to Castaic Lake and more. But remember, you don't need to drive your kids to camp from Studio City
our buses come to you! :)

Free Transportation from Beeman Park in Studio City

Even though our program takes place at the beach, you don't need to worry
about getting your kids to camp yourself. We provide daily
instead! All you need to do is meet our bus each morning at 8:00 AM at
Beeman Park (located at 12621 Rye St.) for morning pick-up, and again at
4:45 PM for afternoon drop-off. Many campers say riding the bus is their
favorite part of the camp day, so be sure to take advantage of this free
service when you sign up for camp.
Aloha Beach Camp provides free
transportation for Studio City kids.
Campers meet the bus at Beeman
Park at 8:00am for morning
pick-up and 4:45pm for afternoon
Studio City summer camp bus cartoon, logo, clipart, graphics.

Convenient Day-by-Day Enrollment

Perhaps the thing parents most love about sending their kids to Aloha Beach
Camp is the
flexible enrollment scheduling option available to you. Instead of
planning your summer around rigid camp sessions, send your child to camp on a
day-by-day basis whenever you want instead. In fact we don't even have
sessions! When you
sign up for camp, simply choose a day here or a day there on
the designated section of your child's Enrollment Form where you book days.
Couldn't be easier!

How Much Does it Cost?

The current price to attend Aloha Beach Camp is $115 per child per day for beach
and surfing days and $120 per child per day for lake, field trip and activity days.
These are the Early Bird Discount prices and include all
summer camp activities
and daily
round-trip transportation from Beeman Park in Studio City. The Early
Bird Discount expires which expire Saturday, June 15, then the prices will increase
by at least $3 per day per child after that. Visit our
prices and discounts page for
more information and to
sign up for camp today.

How to Get More Information or Sign Up for Camp

If you would like more information, there's a couple ways to get it. First, you can request a free brochure and we'll
send you one today. Second, please feel free to visit us for an
Open House at Zuma Beach in Malibu, just a quick
shot down the 101 Freeway and over Malibu Canyon to Pacific Coast Highway, not too far from Studio City at all.

And you can always call us at (818) 932-4600 or
email us here to get your questions answered right away. We
hope to hear from you soon and see you this summer at Aloha Beach Camp, the Studio City summer camp that's
so much fun!! :)

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