Chances are you’ve purchased a football or basketball, or maybe a baseball mit or bat for your child in the past. What about
a surfboard?
By Eric Naftulin, Executive Director, Aloha Beach Camp
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"Mom, I want My Own Surfboard"
(How to buy a surfboard for your kids)
Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp Director Eric Naftulin
Aloha Beach Camp Director
Eric Naftulin
Size matters when you are deciding what kind of surfboard to buy. Here’s a good rule of thumb: Very young children do best when their surfboard is a
couple inches taller than themselves. If you have older kids, you'll want a surfboard that rises approximately a foot above their head.

Another important factor is your budget. The price you'll pay for your child’s surfboard may vary, but generally, you should not need to spend more
than a few hundred bucks. In fact you might even try buying a used board (assuming it’s in good condition) for a whole lot less.

If you have any questions as you investigate surfboard options for your kids, any local surf shop should be glad to help so don't hesitate to give them
a call. Simply look under "surf shops" in the yellow pages or online.
If your son or daughter wants to learn to surf, start by having them take private surfing lessons or enrolling in a summer surf camp. The surfing
instructor and camp counselors will provide the surfboard. As your child progresses, they may eventually want to buy their own board.

You will have a number of factors to consider when buying a surfboard for your kids. Safety should always be your first concern. I suggest a long, wide
board with a soft foam surface, especially when your child is new to the sport. Longer, wider surfboards are easier to stand, balance and learn on.
As kids grow up and their interests become more specialized, you may need to purchase sporting goods or equipment that requires more elaborate
knowledge than picking out a common baseball glove. This article focuses on how to buy a surfboard for your kids so you can make an informed buying