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Aloha Beach Camp is a Summer Camp in Los Angeles Designed to Appeal to Even the Most Discriminating Kids

Thanks for checking out Aloha Beach Camp! We think every child deserves an exciting summer experience, so we created a camp
program with them in mind. If your child can't say Aloha's the most fun you've they've ever had at camp, we'll give you all your
back, guaranteed!

We offer three L.A. Summer Camp Programs for Kids of all Ages with Over 200 Safe, Fun and Exciting Beach and Ocean Sports Galore

If your kids ocean swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, boating, tubing, jet skiing, or just hanging out with friends at the beach -- or
even if they don't know how to do these activities but want to learn -- then your whole family will LOVE Aloha Beach Camp! Our
counselors will be right beside your child offering helpful tips and instruction, so if they ever need help with anything, all they have to
do is ask. Let's take a look at the three programs we offer and age groups they serve.

1. Keiki Camp for boys and girls ages 4 through 7

Keiki Camp is designed to introduce young child to the beach and ocean environments and help them become safe and familiar in and
around the water. Keiki campers participate in 100's of Hawaiian-themed activities centered around the sea.

2. Kahuna Camp for kids and "tweens" ages 8 to 11

When kids turn 8, 9, 10, and 11, they usually start feeling like traditional L.A. summer camps don't cut muster anymore. For campers
in this age group who need a little more spice from camp activities they're used to,
Kahuna Camp is where to be!

3. High Action Camp (For teenagers and older campers Ages 12 to 15)

Sooner or later, older kids (and especially teenagers and pre-teenagers) outgrow typical camps. That's where our High Action program
comes in. From pier fishing to jet skiing and everything in between, this program appeals to older kids and teens who thought they'd
outgrown the summer camp itself, but after discovering Aloha, don't want their summers to end. Learn more about our High Action
program here.

Free Camp Transportation Service

It's no secret we're not the only beach camp in town. But did you know we're the only one that provides FREE transportation for all
enrolled campers? That's right, you don't have to drive your kids to camp yourself, and you never pay an extra dime for this service.
Pretty cool, right?

Meet us Sunday, May 21 at Zuma Beach in Malibu for an Open House

We've done our best to describe how much fun you'll have at Aloha Beach Camp this summer. But we also suggest you come to our
21 Open House so we can really show you what the program's all about. You'll meet our team, have free pizza, play fun games,
and get lots of important information. Get your free tickets to the Open House now.

Summer Camps in L.A. can be Pricey. How Much Does Aloha Beach Camp Cost?

The current price is $115 per day but may increase any time, so sign up now to get the best rate. Don't forget you always get a 100%
money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. Visit our
prices and discounts page for more information about pricing and
additional potential discounts you might get at Aloha Beach Camp this year.

Registration Information

Flexible Day-by-Day Enrollment

Aloha Beach Camp offers the most flexible registration format among L.A. area camps. It's called "day-by-day enrollment," and it
means you can design your own camp schedule rather than complying with predetermined sessions set by the camp. Whenever you
want to send your child to camp -- for instance, a Tuesday here, a Wednesday there -- is totally fine with us. Your family's busy
schedule doesn't need to fit into camp sessions anymore. Instead you can make the camp fit into yours.

How to Sign Up

We're currently accepting Enrollment Applications for summer 2017. We only have a room for a limited number of kids, and lots of kids
are signing up each day as more and more families discover Aloha. A $450 advance deposit and your child's Enrollment Form hold your
spot. Sign up for camp today!
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