Kahuna Camper learning to surf at Aloha Beach Camp summer camp in Los Angeles, CA. Aloha Beach Camp offers three summer beach camp programs in  Los Angeles for kids and teens 4 to 15.
Aloha Beach Camp is an
aquatic-themed Los Angeles Summer
Camp. Learn to surf, boogie board, jet
ski and more. You can also play beach
games and do lots of other fun stuff
like build sandcastles, race sand crabs
and go snorkeling, too!
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Teenage boys having fun in the ocean and boogie boarding at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp for kids and teens in Los Angeles, CA.

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Keiki Camp Summer Day Camp (ages 4 to 7)

Race sand crabs, paint coconuts, build volcanoes out of sand! Swim and play safely in clean water
and gentle surf at beautiful Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove, Malibu. Your child will do all this and
more at our
Keiki Day Camp program, the first summer beach camp program just for younger
children 4 to 7 years old. Have a look at the Keiki Camp's
daily activity schedule to see what your
child will do at camp. Keiki Camp summer camp activities are an absolute blast!
Girl fishing off the Santa Monica Pier at Aloha Beach Camp's Los Angeles summer camp's High Action program.
Aloha Beach Camp kids go fishing at the best
fishing spots in Los Angeles like the Santa
Monica and Malibu Piers during the summer.

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When Typical Summer Programs for Kids Don't Cut It, Try Aloha Beach Camp. We're One of the Top Summer Camps for Kids in L.A., Guaranteed or Your Money Back!!

Aloha Beach Camp Offers Three Three Age-Appropriate Summer Programs for Kids at L.A.'s Best Beaches, Lakes, and Water Parks. After Trying Various Other L.A. Summer Camps, Many Kids Gravitate Here.

Kahuna Camp Summer Day Camp Program (ages 8 to 11)

Kahuna Camp is for kids and teens in that middle age group who are too old
for Keiki Camp, but not quite ready for our High Action program (see blow).
Kahuna campers take day trips to all the same lakes and beaches High Action
kids do -- and they participate in the same activities, too -- but in a
slower-paced, more age-appropriate camp environment.
Camp activities
include boogie boarding and surfing at Zuma Beach, tubing and jet skiing at
Castaic Lake, ocean kayaking at Channel Islands Harbor, and many more
summer beach camp activities throughout the Los Angeles area.
High Action Camp Summer Day Camp (ages 12 to 15)

Our High Action Camp is for older kids and teens who love the beach and
outgrown the typical day camp scene, but who still need worthwhile summer
camp programs, activities, and adult supervision during the summer and want to
hang out with other kids their age.
Camp activities include boogie boarding and
surfing at Zuma Beach, tubing and jet skiing at Castaic Lake, ocean kayaking
and many more safe and fun beach camp activities for older kids and teens.

Summer Camp Safety

We know summer camp safety is a big concern for you, just like it is to us.
You can learn all about Aloha Beach Camp's safety program - including our
100% safety record over 16 years - in detail

Free Transportation

Aloha Beach Camp provides free transportation with many convenient pick-up and
drop-off points throughout L.A. So even if you live some distance from the beach,
your child can still go to camp and you can leave the driving to us. No matter how
far away you live, we make sure the bus ride's enjoyable. In fact, we consider taking
the bus an important part of the camp day, as this is where relationships are
formed and friendships are made. The buses are driven by professional school bus
drivers and all the buses have seat belts. The counselors ride the buses too. If you
decide to sign up for camp, you will see a designated spot on your child's enrollment
form where you can choose your desired meeting point spot. Typically, you will not
need to drive very far from where you live to meet the bus. You can learn more
about our transportation program

Open House March 13

Sign up for Aloha Beach Camp button image

There's many ways to learn more about Aloha Beach Camp's summer programs
for kids, but the best way is by coming to our next
open house on Sunday,
rch 13 at Zuma Beach. Our counselors, directors and staff will be there to
answer your questions and show you around. And you'll get a real
ly good idea
of how Aloha works before camp even starts. Make your plans to be with us!

Want More Info Now? Or Ready to Sign Up for Camp?

You can get more information about Aloha Beach Camp's summer programs for kids by
viewing our
faq page, requesting a free brochure, calling us at (818) 932-4600, visiting our
or Facebook page, or emailing us at info@alohabeachcamp.com.

Ready to
sign up for camp? Here's a link to our summer camp enrollment form. As soon as
we get your form, we'll contact you with a confirmation and you'll be set.

We hope to see you soon at Aloha Beach Camp, the summer camp in Los Angeles that's
too much fun!
Two 12 year old boys laughing and raising their hands up in the air while tubing at Castaic Lake at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp in Los Angeles.
Two Aloha Beach Camp summer camp counselors and three teenage female campers sitting on a docked boat at Castaic Lake moments before heading out onto the lake for boating, tubing and wakeboarding summer camp activities. Aloha Beach Camp is a Los Angeles Summer Camp for kids and teens, and the Aloha High Action program is exclusively for older kids ages 13-15.
Aloha Beach Camp Keiki Camper on the beach in Malibu smiling for the camera. Keiki Camp is a summer camp in Los Angeles which take place at the beach. Keiki Camp is exlusively for younger boys and girls ages 4 to 7.
Aloha Beach Camp's Keiki Camp is for
boys and girls ages 4 to 7. The camp
takes place at Paradise Cove, a safe,
contained private beach in Malibu
perfect for younger kids.
Many kids who've attended other L.A camps eventually switch to Aloha Beach
Camp's Kahuna Camp when they reach 8, 9, 10, 11 years old so they can go tubing
at Castaic Lake and do other fun aquatic activities they can't do anywhere else.
Aloha Beach Camp's High Action Camp is just for older kids and teens
ages 12 to 15...NO YOUNGER KIDS ALLOWED!

Where is Aloha Beach Camp Located?

Unlike other summer camps in Los Angeles, which take may place on school yard
settings, indoor classrooms, or large dusty fields, we take day trips to L.A.sbest
beaches, lakes and water parks where campers enjoy various aquatic activities
on a rotating basis. So the short answer is, there's no traditional campsite like you'd
find at other camps -- instead, the beautiful southern California coastline is our

While every year's a little different, a few of the beach camp sites you can always
count on are Zuma, Paradise Cove and Castaic Lake. The hand-drawn map to the
right shows all the amazing places we go, or have gone, over the years. The
Camp daily activity schedule, Kahuna Camp daily activity schedule, and High Action
Camp daily activity schedules indicate, respectively, all the different activities we're
doing this summer and where we're doing them, depending on your child's age group
and the program they choose.
Learn to surf, boogie board, swim in the ocean and more at Aloha Beach Camp Summer Day
Camp. Consistently recognized as one of the
top summer camps for kids in Los Angeles,
we're also L.A.'s most comprehensive aquatic sports day camp with over 200 safe and fun beach
camp activities like surfing, boogie boarding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, ocean swimming lessons,
group sand games, ocean ecology, beach safety programs and more.

Top it off with unreal giveaways and surprises from
Billabong, our sponsor, including special
appearances from Billabong surfing pros and you get the most complete summer beach camp
experience anywhere in L.A.

Haven't done activities like these before? No problem. Everything's instructional and our
camp counselors will be with you every step of the way offering helpful tips and instructions. You'll
be riding the waves in no-time flat from the ocean to the shore!

You can
sign up for camp day-by-day whenever you want, with no preset sessions to conform to.
That means you can create your own camp schedule sending your kids to camp any time you
want. Whatever works for best your family is just fine with us!

Not only that, free
transportation is included and you get a 100% money-back guarantee just in
case you aren't completely satisfied.

Aloha Beach Camp is also fully
accredited by the American Camp Association and all of our
counselors are lifeguards with camper-to-ratios as low as 3 to 1. (That means it's super safe,
Few things are more fun than going to camp at the beach, and our FAQ and About Us pages will provide you with more information
about our summer programs for kids in detail. Meanwhile, here's an additional overview of what we offer: