Best Los Angeles Summer Camps for Pre-Schoolers

If your pre-school age child will be going to summer camp for the first time and you're looking for a suitable program, this article is for you.

Aloha Beach Camp Summer Camp Director Eric Naftulin
Aloha Beach Camp Director
Eric Naftulin
In previous articles we talked about finding the best Los Angeles summer camps for
teenagers and the best summer camps in Los Angeles in general. Today we'll discuss how
to find the best summer camps in Los Angeles for preschoolers.

The first thing we suggest is to pick a day camp for your preschool age child,
sleepaway camp.  As I'm sure you'll agree, it's completely inappropriate for a preschool
age child to leave home for several weeks to attend camp.  Day camps are much more
appropriate for this young age group.
The next thing to note is you want to pick a camp that SPECIALIZES in serving pre-school age kids. That's because
these kinds of camps typically have more experience -- not mention particular expertise -- working with younger
kids and making sure the kids have a fantastic first-time camp experience.

So what are some of the best preschool summer camps in L.A. to consider?

If your preschooler loves the beach, and/or you want them to develop lifelong water safety skills, you can try
Aloha Beach Camp's
Keiki summer camp. Keiki Camp is located at Paradise Cove in Malibu.  Keep in mind Keiki
Camp is a specialized beach camp program. If you think your child would enjoy a more traditional camp
experience, here's a list of
preschool summer camps in L.A. to check out, and here's another one too.

The big thing to remember when looking for the best preschool summer camp in Los Angeles is the importance of
making sure your child has a good time and is well-supervised and cared for by camp counselors who have lots of
experience running preschool summer camps. This is the best way to ensure your preschool age son or daughter
has a great summer camp experience in L.A.!
By Eric Naftulin, Executive Director, Aloha Beach Camp
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